20 minutes of these leg exercises for super-strong muscles

  • 2020-09-23 14:26:05
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The legs are the largest part of the body, and they contain a lot of muscles that help you in moving, so wasting one day of the days devoted to leg exercises makes you lose a lot of the potential for muscle growth and amplification, especially since leg exercises stimulate the hormones testosterone, growth and fat burning enzymes .

But given the difficult days of leg training in terms of heavy weights and intense sets, as well as the willpower that you have to commit yourself to, it becomes more difficult and takes more time, which provides you with another excuse to waste legs day.

But who said that building leg muscles takes so much difficulty? You can still get a full, strong leg workout in 20 minutes.

By using the correct exercise routine that works on all parts of the leg in the same session, you will be able to build big and strong muscles.

Here's a detailed 20-minute leg workout routine:

Five minutes of front bar squat exercise

It is an aerobic exercise that mainly exercises and builds the front thigh muscles, in addition to the back muscles, legs, buttocks, abdomen and lower back; Holding the bar in front of the chest reduces the effort exerted by the posterior thigh muscles and increases it on the front; By carrying the bar on the exercise machine in front of the chest and lowering the body downward by bending the knees until they form a 90 degree angle.

Five minutes of Roman weight training

This exercise works on a large number of muscles together, and mainly focuses on building the muscles of the back thigh and buttocks in addition to the lower back muscles, by lifting the bar from the bottom to the top of the waist with the legs remaining extended and paying attention to a slight bending of the knees.

Five minutes of longs exercise

Longs exercise depends on balance, and it targets many muscles of the lower body, mainly the front thigh muscle, in addition to the posterior and gluteal thigh muscle, the calf, or what is known as the duck, and the lower abdominal muscles, all using only body weight.

Five minutes of step-up exercise with dumbbells

This exercise focuses mainly on the thigh muscles, in addition to the muscles of the buttocks and the entire legs, by raising your leg a step higher than the bench until it becomes straight with the body, and the use of dumbbells helps you to raise the intensity and strength of the exercise.

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