Why are modern flights taking longer than in the past?

  • 2020-09-23 09:55:44
  • Technology

How long does a direct flight take from Dubai to London? If we are talking about day trips, the usual answer is between 7 and a half hours to 8 hours. But the answer varies greatly if we are talking about past decades, for in a period of time the same flight was possible within a shorter time, and in some cases within 3 hours only.

It may seem strange that we are accustomed to evolving things with time, but in the field of aviation aircraft speeds have in fact gone the opposite way, as planes were flying at faster speeds during the 1960s and 1970s compared to their current speeds. If you are looking for a reason, the short answer here is primarily money.

Today, nearly all commercial aircraft are controlled by speed limits, with speeds usually limited to 850 kilometers per hour. In the past, however, these limits did not really exist. Rather, they came with time.

By the end of the 1960s, a British-French cooperation led to the creation of an aircraft bearing the name Concorde, and unlike commercial aircraft at the time, these aircraft traveled at great speeds of up to Mach 2 (about 2180 km / h), twice the speed of sound. With the start of its flights in 1976, Concorde was the fastest commercial airliner in the world.

In that era, the basic idea was that the future of airplanes (as well as other areas of transportation) were aircraft that offered higher speeds. And for Concorde it was just perfect. The plane was able to fly from Dubai to London, and then cross the Atlantic to New York in just 6 hours, less than the time required for other aircraft to finish even the first flight.

The main problem with Concorde is that it is too expensive to operate, as the plane drains fuel very quickly compared to other planes, and with the addition of its low capacity: only 100 passengers, the operation of the plane was very expensive and thus ticket prices were many times greater than regular aircraft.

The basic idea of the Concorde was great speed, but despite the great speed that passengers were getting, the plane was very crowded and its seats were very small and similar to the economy class seats in other aircraft, so sacrificing some speed was enough for passengers to get seats Several times larger and cost less than half the price of Concorde tickets.

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